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Fact sheets

Managing Individual Cases where there are Concerns about a Child’s Safety and Welfare

  1. Making a Referral following the Identification of Child Safety and Welfare Concerns
  2. Section 47 Protocol: Responding to Concerns about Injuries or Abuse in Infants Under One Year Old

Children in Specific Circumstances

1. Children and HIV  
2. Sexual, Physical and Emotional Abuse by Children and Young People of other Children and Vulnerable Adults  
3. Children and Young People who Misuse Substances  
4. Children from Abroad  
5. Complex (Organised or Multiple) Abuse  
6. Disabled Children  
7. Domestic Abuse  
  7.1 Domestic Abuse and Children  
  7.2 Domestic Abuse and Young People  
8. E-Safety  
9. Fabricated or Induced Illness  
10. Female Genital Mutilation  
11. Forced Marriages  
12. Gang Activity  
13. Honour-based Violence  
14. Licensed Premises  
15. Parents who Misuse Substances  
16. Parents/Carers with Learning Disabilities  
17. Parents, Carers or Family Members with Mental Health Issues  
18. Pregnant Women and Babies where there is Substance Misuse (MAPLAG)  
19. Private Fostering  
20. Provision of Therapy for Child Witnesses during a Police Investigation or a Criminal Trial  
21. Missing from Home or Care and Runaways  
22. Neglect  
23. Self-Harm and Suicide  
24. Sexual Exploitation  
25. Spiritual and Religious Beliefs  
26. Trafficking  
27. Transitions from Children to Adult Services  
28. Uncooperative Families  
29. Working with Sexually Active Young People