1.11 Making Enquiries of Children's Social Care


In April 2019, minor amendments were made to reflect local practice and terminology.

1. Purpose

There is a list maintained of children who are currently subject of Child Protection Plans.

The purpose of this is to:

  • Provide a record of all children in the area for whom it has been decided that they may continue, or are likely to suffer Significant Harm, and for whom a Child Protection Plan is currently being implemented;
  • Provide a central point of speedy enquiry, for professionals who are concerned that a child is likely to, or is suffering Significant Harm and want to know whether the child is the subject of a Child Protection Plan, or relevant legal orders;
  • Aid consideration / assessment of a sequence of injuries or events which might not otherwise be considered related or seen as a pattern of repeated abuse, by keeping a record of enquiries;
  • Allow for a referral to Children's Social Care when concerns meet the appropriate threshold;
  • Aid good communication and co-ordination between agencies.

The contents of the list of children who have a Child Protection Plan remain confidential other than to legitimate enquirers, for example, staff of SCSP member agencies. 

2. Checking with Children's Social Care

Where there are specific child welfare concerns or allegations about a child, professionals must inform Children's Social Care.

An enquiry involves a two-way exchange of information.

3. Making an Enquiry about a Child who is not the Subject of a Child Protection Plan

Assessment of information shared is considered, in order to establish whether the child is in need, or likely to suffer Significant Harm.

Professionals should be aware that contact with Children's Social Care does not constitute a referral. See Making a Referral following the Identification of Child Safety and Welfare Concern Procedure.

4. How to Access Children's Social Care

Local Contacts

Enquires should be made to the Safeguarding Hub Team in Children's Social Care.