Gang Threat Weighting

Caption: Gang Threat Weighting
Scale Perception of Safety Offending Involved Group Offending Premeditation / Organised Nature (including Internet) Weapons Substance fuelled
Nil No concern from local residents over perception of safety No actual offending involved No group offending involved No evidence of premeditation/ organisation No evidence of weapons No evidence of any substances
Low Minor concern Minor offences Small group ad hoc gathering Limited evidence of premeditation Threat of weapons Limited evidence of substances involved
Medium Serious concern from residents / media Repeat minor offending or more serious offending Large group, high prominence Significant organisation Knives Substantial evidence of substance fuelled activity
High High profile media / extensive and concerned public perception / public meetings Serious offending Group crime involving serious offending Sophisticated organisation Firearms Serious abuse of alcohol / drugs

Based on Derbyshire Police Group Crime / Threat Weighting.